[FOM] Multidisciplinary Encounters on Complexity in Arts and Sciences - Ircam (Paris), June 10-12, 2009

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Bifurcating Paths : Multidisciplinary Encounters on Complexity in  
Arts and Sciences - Ircam, June 10-12, 2009

IRCAM & Centre Pompidou organize three days of international  
multidisciplanary encounters on complexity in the arts and sciences,  
june 10-12 2009. The event comprises of a three-days scientific  
symposium and two art-science encounters in the evening.
The whole event takes place inside the Ircam Agora Festival, june  
8-19 2009, a major milestone in the french cultural landscape. It is  
also coupled with a Lars von Trier retrospective organized by the  
Centre Pompidou.
While the symposium will focus on conferences by prestigious  
scientists or art theorists, the evening presentations will give the  
opportunity to leading artistic personalities to confront their  
practices and ideology on the ground of complexity.
Physics, chemistry, computer science, mathematics, epistemology,  
architecture, music, painting, litterature, cinema, theatre ... a  
great variety of topics will be explored in an interactive fashion.

Participants will take advantage of a selection of concerts during  
the Agora Festival program that have a unique connection to the idea  
of complexity.
Meeting Lars von Trier / june 8 / 18h30 / Centre Pompidou - Cinéma 1.  
Scientific Colloquium / june 10 - 12 / 9h30-18h / Centre Pompidou -  
Petite salle/ free entrance. Encounters : june 10, 19h30, Centre  
Pompidou, cinéma 1 / june 12, 19h30, Ircam, Espace de projection


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