[FOM] Extended draft paper submission: TMFCS-09 call for papers

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Mon Apr 20 14:25:36 EDT 2009

Extended draft paper submission: TMFCS-09 call for papers

This Extended Call for Papers for the 2009 
International Conference on Theoretical and 
Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science 
(TMFCS-09) (website: 
http://www.PromoteResearch.org ) is for those who 
didn't get a chance to submit the papers for the 
earlier call for papers. The papers received and 
accepted in response to this extended call for 
papers will be included in the final version of 
the respective conference proceedings. These 
proceedings will be either ready by the time of 
the conference (i.e., they will be available 
during the conference) or soon after the 
conference (before the end of August 2009), based 
how fast the proceedings can be prepared.

Note: If you have already submitted a paper 
(whether accepted or rejected or currently under 
review) for MULTICONF-09, please DO NOT submit 
that paper again to this extended call for papers.

Draft paper submission date: May 11, 2009
Acceptance/rejection decision: May 21, 2009
Camera ready paper and copyright and pre-registration due: May 28, 2009
Conference dates: July 13-16, 2009

TMFCS-09 will be held during July 13-16 2009 in 
Orlando, FL, USA. The conference will take place 
at the same time and venue where several other 
international conferences are taking place. The other conferences include:
·         International Conference on Artificial 
Intelligence and Pattern Recognition (AIPR-09)
·         International Conference on Automation, 
Robotics and Control Systems (ARCS-09)
·         International Conference on 
Bioinformatics, Computational Biology, Genomics 
and Chemoinformatics (BCBGC-09)
·         International Conference on Enterprise 
Information Systems and Web Technologies (EISWT-09)
·         International Conference on High 
Performance Computing, Networking and Communication Systems (HPCNCS-09)
·         International Conference on Information Security and Privacy (ISP-09)
·         International Conference on Recent 
Advances in Information Technology and Applications (RAITA-09)
·         International Conference on Software 
Engineering Theory and Practice (SETP-09)
·         International Conference on Theory and 
Applications of Computational Science (TACS-09)

The website http://www.PromoteResearch.org contains more details.

John Edward
Publicity committee       

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