[FOM] [CiE] April 19 deadline for applying for ASL grants for CiE 2009

S B Cooper pmt6sbc at maths.leeds.ac.uk
Wed Apr 15 11:07:30 EDT 2009

                  CiE 2009: COMPUTABILITY IN EUROPE 2009 -
              Mathematical Theory and Computational Practice
                             Heidelberg, Germany
                              19 - 24 July 2009

       April 19 deadline for applying for ASL student travel grants

Grants for student members of the ASL:

CiE 2009 is an ASL sponsored conference. Students who are members of 
the ASL may apply for ASL travel support. Applications have to be 
addressed directly to the ASL, see their web-site on student travel 
awards for more information:


The deadline for applying for an ASL grant is: 19 APRIL, 2009.

Preference will be given to students presenting a contributed paper. 
To present an informal presentation, please send the CiE 2009 
organisers a brief description of your talk (between one paragraph 
and half a page) by the deadline: 1 JUNE 2009.

Please submit your abstract by sending an informal email to the CiE 
2009 contact address:

                        logic at math.uni-heidelberg.de


TUTORIALS: Pavel Pudlak (Prague), Luca Trevisan (Berkeley).

INVITED SPEAKERS: Manindra Agrawal (Kanpur), Jeremy Avigad 
(Pittsburgh), Phokion Kolaitis (San Jose), Peter Koepke (Bonn), 
Andrea Sorbi (Siena), Rafael D. Sorkin (Syracuse), Vijay Vazirani (Atlanta).


Algorithmic Randomness (Chairs: E. Mayordomo, W. Merkle). Confirmed 
invited speakers: Laurent Bienvenu, Bjoern Kjos-Hanssen, Jack Lutz, 
Nikolai Vereshchagin.

Computational Model Theory (Chairs: J. Knight, A. Morozov). Confirmed 
invited speakers: Ekaterina Fokina, Sergey Goncharov, Russell Miller, 
Antonio Montalban.

Computation in Biological Systems - Theory and Practice (Chairs: A. 
Carbone, E. Csuhaj-Varju). Confirmed invited speakers: Ion Petre, 
Alberto Policriti, Francisco J. Romero-Campero, David Westhead.

Optimization and Approximation (Chairs: M. Halldorsson, G. Reinelt). 
Cornfirmed invited speakers: Jean Cardinal, Friedrich Eisenbrand, 
Harald Raecke, Marc Uetz.

Philosophical and Mathematical Aspects of Hypercomputation (Chairs: 
J. Ladyman, P. Welch). Confirmed invited speakers: Tim Button, Samuel 
Coskey, Mark Hogarth.

Relative Computability (Chairs: R. Downey, A. Soskova). Confirmed 
invited speakers: Hristo Ganchev, Keng Meng Ng, Richard Shore, George 

For details of accepted contributed papers for CiE 2009 see:



Submission of applications for ASL Student Grants: APRIL 19
Early registration deadline: MAY 15
Submission of informal presentations: JUNE 1
Late registration deadline: JULY 12

  ASSOCIATION COMPUTABILITY IN EUROPE      http://www.computability.org.uk
  CiE Conference Series                         http://www.illc.uva.nl/CiE
  CiE 2009                 http://www.math.uni-heidelberg.de/logic/cie2009
  CiE Membership Application Form            http://www.cs.swan.ac.uk/acie

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