[FOM] Question on Relation Algebra

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Dear A. Mani, maybe the best place to start is the book

Givant, Steven R.
The structure of relation algebras generated by relativizations.
Contemporary Mathematics, 156.
American Mathematical Society, Providence, RI, 1994. xvi+134 pp.
ISBN 0-8218-5177-2

MR1258306 (95c:03142)

Chapter 7 is dedicated to results on Relation Algebras Generated by 
Equivalence Elements.


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> Given a set of equivalence relations  on a set S, we can generate a subalgebra 
> of BRA (binary relation algebra) on the set S (with operations \cup, \cap, 
> \odot, ^{-1}, diagonal). Where can a complete description of the structure  
> and related ones be found? 
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