[FOM] Weak system for SO logic

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Tue Apr 7 07:43:59 EDT 2009

Quoting rgheck <rgheck at brown.edu>:

> we add second-order quantifiers to the language, and take as
> rules the obvious analogues of the first-order rules ...
   :  :
> This is what makes the system weaker than with predicative
> comprehension. You won't be able to derive something like:
> (EH)(x)(Hx <--> Fx & Gx)

Thanks, Richard, that's what I (vaguely) thought.

Now the question arises, is there any really good reason to take the  
more usual rules (which entail even impredicative comprehension) as  
more *natural* logical introduction and elimination rules for SO  
quantifiers than the above neutral ones?

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