[FOM] The Reasoner 2(11) now available for download

Jon Williamson j.williamson at kent.ac.uk
Wed Oct 29 11:15:12 EDT 2008

The latest issue of The Reasoner is now freely available for download in pdf 
format at

Editorial - Rolf Haenni
Interview with Arthur P. Dempster - Rolf Haenni
A note on tokenism and self-reference - Laureano Luna
A Sci-Fi Scenario Refuting Rast on Essential Indexicals? - Roger Harris
Non-Factivity About Knowledge: A Defensive Move - Daniel Nolan
Armchair versus Questionnaire Polled Intuitions: Intuitions nevertheless! - 
Renia Gasparatou
The Indispensability Argument and Set Theory - Karlis Podnieks
Amsterdam Graduate Philosophy Conference on Normativity, 29-30 August - 
Theodora Achourioti, Edgar Andrade & Marc Staudacher
European Conference on Machine Learning & Principles and Practice of 
Knowledge Discovery in Databases, 15-19 September - Walter Daelemans, Bart 
Goethals & Katharina Morik
European Workshop on Probabilistic Graphical Models, 17-19 September - 
Manfred Jaeger & Thomas D. Nielsen
New Directions in Philosophy of Mathematics, 4 October - David Corfield
Inference to the Best Explanation - Alan Baker
The Indiscernibility of Identicals - Andrew P. Mills

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law, psychology, mathematics and the sciences.

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Jon Williamson, Editor
Federica Russo, Assistant Editor

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