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On Wednesday 22 Oct 2008 21:04:55 praatika at mappi.helsinki.fi wrote:
> There is a traditional conventionalist idea, sometimes ascribed to
> Hilbert, and apparently held e.g. by Schlick, that axioms *implicitly

Hilbert's notion of truth was not *traditional conventionalist*. 

> Surely many things could be said about this view, but it is not clear
> to me whether there is some widely accepted, standard criticism of
> this idea? Some standard references?

One good book that relates strongly to the question is Ben-Menahem's book 
Conventionalism: From Poincare to Quine, CUP '2006

Apart from the model theoretic concept, in studies of different logics we have 
concepts of one logic being definable in another (and in many senses). These 
contexts apparently reinforce the 'traditional conventionalist' view
Studies on intentionality in reasoning can never be apart from investigations 
of the question, and there are many good sources for that. 


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