[FOM] Godel's First Incompleteness Theorem as it possibly relates to Physics

Alex Blum blumal at mail.biu.ac.il
Sun Oct 12 03:44:25 EDT 2008

Kreinovich, Vladik writes in response to Brian Hart's query:

>...that incompleteness in physics and incompleteness in logic
>are two different things. Incompleteness in physics usually means a much
>simpler thing: that we cannot predict a future event; in other words, it
>is mainly about ATOMIC statements. Incompleteness in logic means,
>crudely speaking, that we cannot check whether a given quantified
>(NON-ATOMIC) statement is true or false. 
How would the theory be able to predict  that x is G becauses it is an F 
without having a universally quantified statement as part of the theory?

 Alex Blum

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