[FOM] LaTeX (not just for) for Logicians

Peter Smith ps218 at cam.ac.uk
Sun Oct 5 10:03:09 EDT 2008

At what is (for most of us) the beginning of another academic year, a quick 
reminder. Please remember to tell your new grad students and others about 
the LaTeX for Logicians pages (a source both for some general info about 
LaTeX and for links of especial interest to logicians).

I've recently ported the pages to a new site with a relatively future-proof 


(click on "LaTeX", of course!)

I'd be grateful to hear if I've broken links or messed up the layout as 
seen in your browser. I'd be even more grateful to hear about new(ish) 
packages or documents or whatever that should be linked here, as I'm 
conscious of having rather neglected these LaTeX pages for a while and may 
have missed some goodies.

Cheers, Peter Smith

Dr Peter Smith: Faculty of Philosophy, University of Cambridge
peter_smith at me.com

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