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2012 is the Centenary of Alan 
Turing's birth (on June 23, 1912), and plans are already underway to
the Alan Turing Year a focus for a number of major international
alongside other events. The Turing Year is being coordinated at this
by the Turing Centenary Advisory Committee, which is still in the
of formation - see:


And central to the 2012 celebrations will be CiE 2012 in Cambridge:


Organisers of meetings planned for 2012 are invited to consider 
co-locating with other meetings as part of the Alan Turing Year, and to 
contact members of the TCAC to work out appropriate arrangements. Of 
course, most of the events will be associated with places of
to Turing's lufe and work, particularly Cambridge, Manchester and 
Bletchley Park.

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