[FOM] CFP2: DML 2008--Towards Digital Mathematics Library

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Second Call for papers: Towards Digital Mathematics Library (DML 2008)
July 27th, 2008, Birmingham, UK c/o MKM 2008

Workshop webpage:

Deadlines: May 31st: abstract submissions
            Jun  1st: paper submissions
            Jun 20th: paper acceptance/rejection decision
            Jun 27th: versions for the proceedings due
            Jul 27th: workshop date, proceedings on site

Submissions will be refereed on the basis of technical quality, novelty,
potential impact for building DML, and clarity. Papers must conform to the
Springer LNCS style, preferably using LaTeX2e and the Springer llncs 
class files.

Submission categories:
Full paper: 4-12 LNCS pages
Short paper/poster/work in progress report: 1-4 LNCS pages

Mathematicians dream of a digital archive containing all peer-reviewed
mathematical literature ever published, properly linked and
validated/verified. It is estimated that the entire corpus of mathematical
knowledge published over the centuries does not exceed 100,000,000
pages, an amount easily manageable by current information technologies.

The workshop's objectives are to formulate the strategy and goals of
a global mathematical digital library and to summarize the current
successes and failures of ongoing technologies and related projects,
asking such questions as:
# What technologies, standards, algorithms and formats should be used
   and what metadata should be shared?
# What business models are suitable for publishers of mathematical
   literature, authors and funders of their projects and institutions?
# Is there a model of sustainable, interoperable, and extensible
   mathematical library that mathematicians can use in their everyday work?
# What is the best practice for
     * retrodigitized mathematics (from images via OCR to MathML and/or TeX);
     * retro-born-digital mathematics (from existing electronic copy in
       DVI, PS or PDF to MathML and/or TeX);
     * born-digital mathematics (how to make needed metadata and file formats
       available as a side effect of publishing workflow [CEDRAM model])?

will be published by Masaryk University and will be available on site,
with best papers chosen for postconference proceedings published
by renowned publisher or for journal.

Thierry Bouche (Universite de Grenoble I, CNRS, Institut Fourier
& Cellule Mathdoc): CEDRICS: when CEDRAM meets Tralics

(include, but are not limited to)
   o search, indexing and retrieval of mathematical documents
   o ranking of mathematical papers, similarity of mathematical documents
   o math OCR with MathML/TeX output
   o document conversions from/to MathML, OpenMath, LaTeX,
     PostScript and [tagged] PDF
   o conversions between various mathematical formalisms
   o mathematical document compression
   o processing of scanned images
   o algorithms for crosslinking of bibliographical items,
     intext citations search
   o mathematical document classification, MSC 2010
   o mathematical text mining
   o mathematical documents metadata exchange via OAI-PMH and/or OAI-ORE
   o long term archiving, data migration
   o reports and experience from math digitization projects
   o math publishing with long term archival goal
   o software engineering aspects of creating, handling MathML,
     OMDoc, OpenMath documents, and displaying them in web browsers

Programme Committee:
(other members approval pending)
   Jose Borbinha (Technical University of Lisbon, IST, PT)
   Thierry Bouche (University Grenoble, Cellule Mathdoc, FR)
   David Carlisle (Numerical Algorithms Group, NAG, UK)
   Thomas Fischer (Goettingen University, Digitization Center, DE)
   Vaclav Hlavac (Czech Technical University, Faculty of Engineering, 
Prague, CZ)
   Janka Chlebikova (Comenius University, MFF, Bratislava, SK)
   Enrique Macias-Virgos (University of Santiago de Compostella, ES)
   Jiri Rakosnik (Academy of Sciences, Mathematical Institute, Prague, CZ)
   Eugenio Rocha (University of Aveiro, Dept. of Mathematics, PT)
   David Ruddy (Cornell University, Library, US)
   Petr Sojka (Masaryk University, Faculty of Informatics, Brno, CZ) [chair]
   Masakazu Suzuki (Kyushu University, Faculty of Mathematics, JP)
   Bernd Wegner (Zentralblatt MATH, Berlin, DE)

Organizing Committee:
   Adam Rambousek, Michal Ruzicka, Petr Sojka, Volker Sorge

Registration, Travel, Accomodation: see MKM web pages

mail to dml2008 at easychair dot org

CFP distribution:
Please, distribute at your place. Apologies for multiple postings!

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