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The Thesis of H. Friedman reminds me of Church's Thesis (CT):

CT (in one of its formulations) says:

For any intuitively effectively calculable function f, for which we have an
informal description, there is a formal description of f in terms of
recursive functions.

The controversy regarding the truth of the CT boils
down to the (epistemological?) problem how can one be
sure that an intuitive concept is equivalent to a
specific mathematical (formal) concept.

The same holds for Friedmann's proposal.  The
Friedmann's weaker thesis could be thought of as a
kind of completnesss theorem in the following form:

If we have any intuitive reasoning R, we can formalize R.

Here R would be an abstract object: it means non-mental, non

For me, the problem with Friedman's thesis is the following:
how could he argue that, his Q and P concern the SAME problem?
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