[FOM] Eliminability of AC

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That's an excellent example, and now that you have jogged my memory I 
believe they did use Absoluteness to eliminate GCH.

Kochen's student Scott Brown in 1978 gave a computable bound for the 
relevant results involving a very high stack of iterated exponentials 
(at least 7 is my recollection).

-- JS
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I believe the original proofs of Ax and Kochen of their results
concedrning p-adic fields used the theory of ultraproducts in a way 
required GCH. Since the results obtained were arithmetic, one could 
invoke the Kreisel remark to disentangle their results from GCH.

I don't recall at this late date whether Ax and Kochen made this
observation themselves.

     --Bob Solovay

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