[FOM] second order ZFC

Marcus Rossberg mr30 at st-andrews.ac.uk
Sun Mar 16 15:05:50 EDT 2008

You might also be interested in Weston's papers, "The Continuum  
Hypothesis is independent of second-order ZF", Notre Dame Journal of  
Formal Logic 18 (1977), pp. 499-503; and "Kreisel, the continuum  
hypothesis and second-order set theory", Journal of Philosophical  
Logic 5 (1976), pp. 281--298.

Didn't Peter Koellner work on this?  Richard will know better than I.


On 6 Mar 2008, at 18:46, rgheck wrote:

> pax0 at seznam.cz wrote:
>> Is anybody familiar with second order set theory ZFC to explain/ 
>> point to a paper
>> what language it uses, what axioms and models it has,give a  
>> typical theorem, or perhaps
>> indicate its philosophical value.
> Well, one early place to look is George Boolos, "On Second-order  
> Logic"
> and "To Be Is To Be a Value of a Variable"; compare Charles Parsons,
> "Sets and Classes". Probably the standard reference nowadays is  
> Stewart
> Shapiro's book.
> rh

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