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                       FINAL ANNOUNCE:
                  Apologies to multiple posting

Future of Cellular Automata Theory and Applications
June 12-14 2008 Bristol, United Kingdom

We are inviting you to participate in the international workshop on
cellular automata.

The unique workshop will highlight hot topics of cellular automata
theory and applications, an interdisciplinary field, whose general
goal might be summarised as the quest for theoretical constructs,
computational solutions and practical implementations of novel and
powerful models of the locally-connected regular discrete worlds.

The workshop will bring together work that focuses on advanced
theoretical constructions, experimental prototypes and genuine
implementations of cellular-automata models, computing devices and

AUTOMATA-2008 is 14th workshop in a series of AUTOMATA workshops
established in 1995 by members of the Working Group 1.5 (Cellular
Automata and Machines) subordinated to Technical Committee 1
(Foundations of Computer Science) of the International Federation for
Information Processing (IFIP). The main goal of AUTOMATA-2008
workshops is to maintain a permanent, international and
multidisciplinary forum for the collaboration of researchers in the
fields of Cellular Automata (CA).

The workshop will revolve around all important theoretical and applied
aspects of cellular automata and discrete complex systems research.
Topics will include cellular automata as tiling systems, dynamical
systems, models of parallelism, computational models, algebraic
structures, formal language processors, structural & computational
complexity, framework for investigating discrete complex systems,
models of phenomena from biology, chemistry, physics, engineering and
other fields

All participants are encouraged to submit a paper for publication in
the AUTOMATA-2008 proceedings. All submissions will be peer-reviewed.

Leon Chua (Berkeley, USA)
Masami Hagiya (Tokyo, Japan)
Maurice Margenstern (Metz, France)
Nino Boccara (Chicago, USA)
Tomasso Toffoli (Boston, USA)

Submission of papers: April 5, 2008
Registration ends: May 25, 2008
Conference starts: June 12, 2008

Andrew Adamatzky (Bristol, UK)
Ramon Alonso-Sanz (Bristol, UK)
Genaro Martinez (Bristol, UK)

Advisory Committee:
Anna Lawniczak (Guelph, Canada)
Kenichi Morita (Hiroshima, Japan)
Thomas Worsch (Karlsruhe, Germany)

andrew.adamatzky at uwe.ac.uk
ramon.alonso at upm.es
genaro.martinez at uwe.ac.uk

Sponsored by UWE and EPSRC.

Complete info from its web site:

Genaro Juarez Martinez
Unconventional Computing Group

UNAMonos Comunicándonos

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