[FOM] Colloquium Logicum 2008, Darmstadt (Germany), 10-12 September 2008

Ulrich Kohlenbach kohlenbach at mathematik.tu-darmstadt.de
Wed Jun 18 10:39:35 EDT 2008

Call for participation:

Colloquium Logicum 2008 (Biennial meeting of the  German Society for 
Mathematical Logic DVMLG), September 10-12, TU Darmstadt, Germany.

Electronic registration is possible at


and follow the link "Registration".

Deadline for registration: June 30.

The scientific programme comprises

* Herbrand Centenary Lecture: Georg Kreisel, F.R.S., Salzburg

* invited plenary lectures by

* Hans Adler (Leeds)
* Sergei Goncharov (Novosibirsk)
* Joel David Hamkins (New York)
* Robert Lubarsky (Florida)
* Nicole Schweikardt (Frankfurt)
* Michiel van Lambalgen (Amsterdam)

plus a PhD Colloquium with the presentation of selected recent PhD Theses
in Logic as well as contributed talks.

At the site mentioned above one can also propose a contributed talk and
submit an abstract (only a limited number of slots will
be available for the contributed talks).

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