[FOM] Partial Entailment

Staffan Angere Staffan.Angere at fil.lu.se
Wed Jun 11 05:21:42 EDT 2008

I would say that the most infuential interpretation of the notion of "partial entailment" is the one that appears in the logical interpretation of probability. The classical work in this tradition is Carnap's "Logical Foundations of Probability" (1950), although the idea goes back to Keynes's "A Treatise on Probability" (1921).

Since this project, however, seems quite dead nowadays, the term is probably free to use for something else, should an interesting application of it crop up.

Staffan Angere
University of Lund

> Is there any literature which details what attempts have been made
> towards formalization of the notion of "partial entailment"? The
> available literature seems to know of only one definition: if p then
> q, then q partially entails p. Can we do better than this?
> Sudeep Regmi
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