[FOM] discussion about the connection between AC and Buchbergers algorithm

Richard Pollack pollack at cims.nyu.edu
Tue Jun 10 11:48:21 EDT 2008

I think that the following letter from Henri Lombardi bears on the
discussion  about the connection between AC and a proof that
Buchberger's algorithm terminates finitely which began in (fom) vol 66
#1.  In the PS. MLQ is Math.Log. Quart. I am too lazy and too ignorant
to have checked the veracity of the letter or the papers.

Dear Ricky
Hervé Perdry and me  have given a constructive proof of termination
for any Buchberger algorithm.
This appeared in
The Buchberger Algorithm as a Tool for Ideal Theory of Polynomials Rings in
Constructive Mathematics, in : Gr¨obner Bases and Applications (Proc.
of the Conference
33 Years of Gr¨obner Bases), Cambridge University Press, London
Mathematical Society
Lecture Notes Series, vol. 251, (1998), 393–407.
This is based on a constructive version of Dickson's lemma.
The proof is similar to noetherianity proof for A[x] in Richman.
Some unavoidable Ackerman's lower bound appears in
(this constructive version of) Dickson lemme.

I attach a version of our paper where some "horrors" are corrected:
e.g. Dickson instead of Dixon.
Also see the wonderful paper of Hervé just appeared in MLQ

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