[FOM] James Shaw on philosophy of mathematics

rgheck rgheck at brown.edu
Tue Jun 3 09:28:44 EDT 2008

Thomas Forster wrote:
> I have just picked up a copy of
>     Lectures on the Philosophy of Mathematics
> by one James Byrnie Shaw.  Open Court 1918. Can anyone tell me anythiong 
> about this chap.  It occurred to me to wonder that it is only recently 
> that people starting publishing books with names like this.  is this one 
> perhaps the first?
And he does appear on the Mathematics Genealogy Project:
but not with much info. One interesting fact is that he was the first
Purdue PhD in maths. See here:
number 10. And the book itself is available here:
for anyone who wants to have a look.


Richard G Heck Jr
Professor of Philosophy
Brown University

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