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Thu Jul 17 14:37:53 EDT 2008

Dear Colleagues:

we are happy (especially because several people in the [FOM] have asked)
to announce the 2008 edition of

"Computability: Computable Functions, Logic, and the Foundations of

Authors: Richard L. Epstein  and Walter Carnielli
Publisher: Advanced Reasoning Forum, 2008

*3rd. Edition*

" Now in a new edition --the classic presentation of the theory of
computable functions in the context of the foundations of mathematics.
Part I motivates the study of computability with discussions and readings
about the crisis in the foundations of mathematics in the early 20th
century while presenting the basic ideas of whole number, function, proof,
and real number. Part II starts with readings from Turing and Post leading
to the formal theory of recursive functions. Part III presents sufficient
formal logic to give a full development of Gdel's incompleteness theorems.
Part IV considers the significance of the technical work with a discussion
of Church's Thesis and readings on the foundations of mathematics. This
new edition contains the timeline 'Computability and Undecidability' as
well as the essay 'On Mathematics'. "

Available   from  Powell's  Books:

Adobe Reader e-book format (Windows and Macintosh compatible):


Also available from Barnes & Noble.

Prices are very reasonable, specially for the e-book version (around $15.00)

Best regards,

Walter Carnielli  and Richard  L. Epstein

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