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Call for Participation
Fifth International Conference on

Computability and Complexity in Analysis 2008 (CCA 2008)

Held in Honor of Klaus Weihrauch's 65th Birthday
August 21-24, 2008, Hagen, Germany

Early registration deadline: July 14, 2008

Invited Speakers

     * Andrej Bauer       (Ljubljana, Slovenia)
     * Douglas Bridges    (Christchurch, New Zealand)
     * Martin Escardo     (Birmingham, UK)
     * Peter Hertling     (Neubiberg, Germany)
     * Ker-I Ko           (Stony Brook, USA)
     * Sebastiaan Terwijn (Vienna, Austria)
     * Xizhong Zheng      (Cincinnati, USA & Cottbus, Germany)
     * Jeffery Zucker     (Hamilton, Canada)

Contributed Talks

     * Jens Blanck, Viggo Stoltenberg-Hansen and John Tucker
       Stability for effective algebras

     * Volker Bosserhoff
       On the Effective Existence of Schauder Bases

     * Manuel Campagnolo and Kerry Ojakian
       Characterizing Computable Analysis with
       Differential Equations    

     * Pieter Collins
       Computability and Representations of the Fixed-Point Set    

     * Ruth Dillhage and Vasco Brattka
       Computability of the Metric Projection Onto
       Finite-dimensional Linear Subspaces

     * Willem Fouche
       An algorithmic construction of quantum circuits of
       high descriptive complexity

     * Christine Gaßner
       On Relativizations of the P =? NP Question for
       Several Structures

     * Guido Gherardi and Alberto Marcone
       How much incomputable is the Hahn-Banach theorem?    

     * Daniel Graca and Pieter Collins
       Effective Computability of Solutions of Ordinary
       Differential Equations - The Thousand Monkeys Approach

     * Zvonko Iljazovic
       Weakly Computable Sets in Euclidean Space

     * Margarita Korovina and Oleg Kudinov
       Towards Computability over Effectively
       Enumerable Topological

     * Timothy McNicholl, Valentin Andreev and Dale Daniel
       Technical report: computation on the extended complex
       plane and conformal mapping of multiply-connected domains

     * Takakazu Mori, Mariko Yasugi and Yoshiki Tsujii
       Integral of two-dimensional Fine-computable functions     

     * Wouter M. Koolen and Martin Ziegler
       Kolmogorov Complexity Theory over the Reals    

     * Davorin Lesnik
       Constructive Urysohn’s Universal Metric

     * Joeran Mielke
       Refined Bounds on Kolmogorov Complexity of omega-Languages    

     * Norbert Mueller and Xishun Zhao
       Jordan Areas and Grids    

     * Arno Pauly
       Representing Measurement Results

     * Petrus H. Potgieter
       Sets deemed recursive in Euclidean space

     * Robert Rettinger
       Lower Bounds on the Continuation of Holomorphic Functions    

     * Robert Rettinger, Klaus Weihrauch and Ning Zhong
       The Complexity of Blowup Problems    

     * Matthias Schroeder
       An Effective Tietze-Urysohn Theorem for QCB-Spaces    

     * Svetlana Selivanova and Victor Selivanov
       Computing Solutions of Symmetric Hyperbolic Systems of PDE's    

     * Victor Selivanov
       On the Difference Hierarchy in Countably Based T_0-Spaces    

     * Dimiter Skordev
       The number e is lower elementary computable

     * Dieter Spreen
       Effectivity and Effective Continuity of Multifunctions

     * Ludwig Staiger
       What is the true epsilon-randomness?    

     * Hideki Tsuiki and Shuji Yamada
       On Finite-time Computability Preserving Conversions    

Scientific Program Committee

     * Vasco Brattka, chair (Cape Town, South Africa)
     * Douglas Bridges      (Christchurch, New Zealand)
     * Manuel Campagnolo    (Lisbon, Portugal)
     * Pieter Collins       (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
     * Peter Hertling       (Neubiberg, G
     * Jack H. Lutz         (Ames, USA)
     * Josep     * Nathalie Revol       (Lyon, France)
     * Matthias Schroeder   (Neubiberg, Germany)
     * Bas Spitters         (Eindhoven, The Netherlands)
     * Paul Taylor          (London, UK)
     * Hideki Tsuiki        (Kyoto, Japan)
     * John V. Tucker       (Swansea, UK)
     * Ning Zhong           (Cincinnati, USA)
     * Martin Ziegler       (Paderborn, Germany)

Organizing Committee

     * Ruth Dillhage          (Hagen, Germany)
     * Tanja Grubba           (Hagen, Germany)
     * Klaus Weihrauch, chair (Hagen, Germany)

Venue & Accommodation

The venue for CCA 2008 is the conference center
Arcadeon, Lennestrasse 91, 58093 Hagen. Further
information on accommodation is available here:


Registration Fees

    * Euro 200 until July 14, 2008 (standard fee)
    * Euro 240 after July 14, 2008 (late fee)

Further information on registration is available here:



The programme is supposed to start on Thursday early morning
and to end on Sunday afternoon.


Fully accepted papers will be published as CCA 2008 proceedings
in Electronic Notes in Theoretical Computer Science (ENTCS).
In addition, a printed version (as a technical report) will
be available at the conference.

It is planned to publish a special issue of some journal
dedicated to CCA 2008 after the conference.

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