[FOM] Is CH vague?

joeshipman@aol.com joeshipman at aol.com
Tue Jan 29 00:05:04 EST 2008

Martin, I agree that those who would argue that CH is vague ought 
identify which of the simpler concepts you identified are vague. 
However, my understanding is that we are discussing a slightly 
different question, whether CH is "definite".

Indefinite and vague are not the same. "Whether Sherlock Holmes had 
blue eyes" may be indefinite if Conan Doyle's stories don't anwer it, 
but it is not vague. "Whether X is a great mathematician" is a vague 
predicate, but that does not prevent it from being definite when 
X=Archimedes or when X=Britney Spears.

-- JS

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