[FOM] ULTRAMATH 2008 - Call for papers

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Sat Jan 19 12:48:37 EST 2008

        ---  ULTRAMATH2008 - CALL FOR PAPERS  ---

International Congress
"Applications of Ultrafilters and Ultraproducts in Mathematics"
Pisa, June 1-7, 2008

Scientific Committee:
Vitaly Bergelson (Ohio, USA), Andreas Blass (Ann Arbor, USA), 
Renling Jin (Charleston, USA)

Department of Mathematics "Leonida Tonelli", University of Pisa
Chair: Mauro Di Nasso


Participants are invited to submit abstracts.
The submission deadline is Monday, March 31.
Decisions on the acceptance will be communicated to
the authors by Monday, April 14th.

To submit an abstract, attach it to an email to the 
Congress address:
ultramath at dm.unipi.it
specifying "submission" in the Subject.

Please follow these instructions:

1. Abstracts should be written in LaTeX (also plain text files are ok).
   Please, avoid as much as possible the use of your own macros
   or external packages.
2. Abstracts must fit in ONE PAGE when processed.
3. Clearly indicate your name, affilition, and email address
   (in case of multiple authors, please indicate who will
   present the paper, and include names, affiliation, and
   email addresses of all authors.)
4. Specify which one(s) of the following topics best describes
   the subject of your abstract.

1.      Additive/Combinatorial Number Theory.
2.      Combinatorics, Ramsey Theory, Ergodic Theory.
3.      Algebra.
4.      Geometry.
5.      General Topology.
6.      Measure Theory.
7.      Metric Spaces.
8.      Functional Analysis.
9.      Nonstandard methods.
10.     Set theory and foundations.

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