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 Brazilian Events in Logic- Paraty, RJ, Brazil

CLE 30/ XV EBL /  XIV SLALM (11-17 May, 2008)
Logic School (7-9 May, 2008)

********************  DEADLINE EXTENSION  ******************************
Due to several requests  we are able to offer a
deadline extension until

    ** 15 February  2008 **


* CLE 30 – 30th Anniversary of the Centre for Logic,
Epistemology and the History of Science (CLE), UNICAMP

* XV EBL -15th Brazilian Logic Conference

* XIV SLALM – 14th Latin-American Symposium on Mathematical Logic

* Logic School at UNICAMP

The series of Latin-American Symposia on Mathematical Logic began in 1970,
and meetings have been organized in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Costa
Rica, Chile, Venezuela and Mexico. The Brazilian Logic Conferences
started in 1979, and CLE at UNICAMP was officially founded in 1977

Events Location: Paraty, RJ, Brazil
Logic School: UNICAMP at Campinas, SP, Brazil

Topics and scope:

The topics include
- Philosophical and Mathematical Logic and applications
with emphasis on Model Theory and Proof Theory;
- Set Theory;
- Non-Classical Logics and applications;
- History and Philosophy of Logic;
- Philosophy of the Formal Sciences;
- Foundations of Mathematics.

Logic School:

A "Logic School" intended for students (but open to anyone interested)
is planned to be held in the State University of Campinas (UNICAMP)
between 7 - 9 May, 2008.

Submission and Publication:

Contributions are invited on all topics of the events.
Submissions should be in Portuguese, Spanish or English, from two to a
maximum of 10 (ten) pages including a short abstract (maximum 20 lines)
and references. The submission contents must be unpublished and not
submitted for publication in any journals or other scientific meetings.
It is expected that accepted papers will be presented at the meeting by
one of its authors.

The proceedings of the combined events (selected full texts, in English)
will be be published in a special volume by College Publication, London.

Invited Speakers/ Keynote Speakers:

- Raymond Smullyan (USA)
- Jaakko Hintikka (Boston Univ. - USA)
- Diderik Batens (Ghent Univ. - Belgium)
- David Miller (Univ. of Warwick - UK)
- Aldo V. Figallo (Univ. Nacional del Sur - Argentina)
- Newton C. A. da Costa (USP/UFSC - Brazil)
- John Corcoran (Univ. of Buffalo - USA)
- Heinrich Wansing (Dresden Univ. Tech. - Germany)
- Oswaldo Chateaubriand (PUC/RJ - Brazil)
- Johan van Benthem (ILLC, University of Amsterdam - The Netherlands,
and Stanford University - USA)
- Patrick Blackburn (INRIA at Nancy - France)
- Arnon Avron (Univ. of Tel-Aviv - Israel)
- Jean-Yves Béziau (Univ. Neuchâtel - Switzerland)
- Xavier Caicedo (CLE and Universidad de Los Andes - Colombia)
- Claudio Pizzi (Univ. of Siena - Italy)
- Roberto L. Cignoli (Univ. de Buenos Aires - Argentina)
- José M. Turull-Torres (Massey Univ. - New Zealand)
- Edgar G. K. Lopez-Escobar (CLE and Univ. of Maryland - USA)
- Atocha Aliseda Llera (UNAM - Mexico)
- Graham Priest (University of Melbourne - Australia)
- Raymundo Morado (UNAM - Mexico)
- Francisco Miraglia (State University of São Paulo - Brazil)
- Paulo Veloso (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro - Brazil)
- Marta Sagastume (Universidad Nacional de La Plata - Argentina)
- Charles Steinhorn (Vassar College - USA)

Scientific committee:

- Newton Carneiro Affonso da COSTA (President)(CLE and USP/UFSC – Brazil)
- Jeremy AVIGAD (Carnegie Mellon Univ. – USA)
- Diderik BATENS (Ghent Univ. - Belgium)
- Johan van BENTHEM (Univ. of Amsterdan – The Netherlands)
- Jean-Yves BÉZIAU (Univ. Neuchâtel – Switzerland)
- Xavier CAICEDO (CLE and Universidad de Los Andes – Colombia)
- Walter CARNIELLI (CLE and IFCH/UNICAMP – Brazil)
- Abel Lasalle CASANAVE (UFSM – Brazil)
- Oswaldo CHATEAUBRIAND (CLE and PUC/RJ – Brazil)
- Roberto L. CIGNOLI (Univ. de Buenos Aires – Argentina)
- Marcelo Esteban CONIGLIO (CLE and IFCH/UNICAMP – Brazil)
- John CORCORAN (Univ. of Buffalo - USA)
- Itala M. L. D’OTTAVIANO (CLE and IFCH/UNICAMP – Brazil)
- Francisco A. de M. Accioli DORIA (UFRJ – Brazil)
- Atocha Aliseda LLERA (UNAM – Mexico)
- Edgar G. K. LOPEZ-ESCOBAR (CLE and Univ. of Maryland – USA)
- Paolo MANCOSU (UC Berkeley – USA)
- Irene MIKENBERG (Univ. Cat. de Chile – Chile)
- Francisco MIRAGLIA (USP – Brazil)
- Ruy J. Guerra B. de QUEIROZ (UFPe – Brazil)
- Marta SAGASTUME (CLE and Univ. Nac. de La Plata – Argentina)
- Amílcar SERNADAS (Univ. Técnica de Lisboa – Portugal)
- José M. TURULL-TORRES (Massey Univ. – New Zealand)

Scientific Sponsorship:

Association for Symbolic Logic (ASL)
Brazilian Logic Society (SBL)
Centre for Logic, Epistemology and the History of Science (CLE- UNICAMP)


Walter Carnielli
On behalf of the Organizing Committee

Walter Carnielli
Centre for Logic, Epistemology and the History of Science – CLE
State University of Campinas –UNICAMP
P.O. Box 6133 13083-970 Campinas -SP, Brazil
Phone: (+55) (19) 3788-6519
Fax: (+55) (19) 3289-3269
e-mail: carniell at cle.unicamp.br
Website: http://www.cle.unicamp.br/prof/carnielli

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