[FOM] Congress ULTRAMATH2008 - 1st announcement

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------------------(1st announcement)-----------------------

"Applications of Ultrafilters and Ultraproducts in Mathematics" 
Pisa, Italy, June 1-7, 2008

Organization: Department of Mathematics, University of Pisa.
Chair: Mauro Di Nasso

Scientific Committee: 
Vitaly Bergelson (Ohio, USA), Andreas Blass (Ann Arbor, USA), 
Renling Jin (Charleston, USA)

The international Congress "ULTRAMATH 2008" aims to present recent 
results in the whole spectrum of mathematics which are grounded on 
the use of ultrafilters and ultraproducts. 
Its main goals:
* Disseminate information about the various techniques related 
  to the use of ultrafilters and  ultraproducts, and their potential 
  to attack open problems.
* Bring together researchers with different backgrounds, and encourage 
  their collaborations and interactions, especially on topics connecting 
  different areas of mathematics.

For information, visit the web site below:


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