[FOM] Cl&C 2008 - Second Call for Papers

Ulrich Berger U.Berger at swansea.ac.uk
Wed Feb 27 09:21:14 EST 2008

                 *** Extended Deadline April 11 ***
                        SECOND CALL FOR PAPERS


                      International Workshop on
                   Classical Logic and Computation

                      Sunday, July 13, 2008
                       Reykjavik, Iceland

            Affiliated workshop of ICALP, July 6-13, 2008


Paper Submission             April 11, 2008  *** New Deadline! ***
Acceptance Notification      May   22, 2008
Final Version                June  23, 2008
Workshop                     July  13, 2008


CL&C'08 is the second of a new conference series on "Classical Logic
and Computation". It intends to cover all work aiming to explore
computational aspects of classical logic and mathematics.

The fact that classical mathematical proofs of simply existential
statements can be read as programs was established by Goedel and
Kreisel half a century ago.  But the possibility of extracting useful
computational content from classical proofs was taken seriously only
from the 1990s on when it was discovered that proof interpretations
based on Goedel's and Kreisel's ideas can provide new nontrivial
algorithms and numerical results, and the Curry-Howard correspondence
can be extended to classical logic via programming concepts such as
continuations and control operators.


This workshop aims to support a fruitful exchange of ideas between the
various lines of research on Classical Logic and Computation.
Topics of interest include, but are not limited to,

    - version of lambda calculi adapted to represent classical logic,
    - design of programming languages inspired by classical logic,
    - cut-elimination for classical systems,
    - proof representation and proof search for classical logic,
    - translations of classical to intuitionistic proofs,
    - constructive interpretation of non-constructive principles,
    - witness extraction from classical proofs,
    - constructive semantics for classical logic (e.g. game semantics),
    - case studies (for any of the previous points).


This is intended to be an informal workshop. Participants are
encouraged to present work in progress, overviews of more extensive
work, and programmatic/position papers, as well as completed
projects. We therefore ask for submission both of short abstracts and
of longer papers.

In order to make a submission:
    - Format your file using the LNCS guidelines; there is a 15 page limit.
    - Use the submission links at http://www.doc.ic.ac.uk/~svb/CLaC08

Submissions will be refereed at normal standards. A participants'
proceedings will be distributed at the workshop. A special issue of a
journal, associated with the workshop, is being considered. It will
contain full versions of selected papers.


Helmut Schwichtenberg        LMU Munich
Stephane Lengrand            LIX Polytechnique


Steffen van Bakel            Imperial College London
Ulrich Berger                Swansea, chair
Stefano Berardi              Turin
Paola Bruscoli               Bath
Thierry Coquand              Chalmers
Fernando Ferreira            Lisbon
Michel Parigot               Paris VII
Aldo Ursini                  Siena


u.berger at swansea.ac.uk

Kind regards,
Ulrich Berger

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