[FOM] 321: Pi01 Incompleteness/forward imaging

Harvey Friedman friedman at math.ohio-state.edu
Tue Feb 19 17:12:16 EST 2008


We define N to be the set of all nonnegative integers.

We will use three different notions of: forward image of R on A. Here  
it is required that for some k >= 1, R containedin N^4k, and A  
containedin N^k. Specifically,

RA = {w in N^k: (therexists x,y,z in A)(R(x,y,z,w))}.

R<A = {w in N^k: (therexists x,y,z in A)(R(x,y,z,w) and  
max(x),max(y),max(z) < max(w))}.

R*A = {w in N^k: (therexists x,y,z in A)(R(x,y,z,w) and  
max(x),max(y),max(z) not= max(w)-1)}.

For A containedin N^k, define A' = N^k\A.

NOTE: Typographically, in R<A, the < is a subscript.

THEOREM 1.1. For all k >= 1 and R containedin N^4k, some R<A is A'.  
Furthermore, A is unique.

We say that x,y in N^k are order equivalent if and only if for all 1  
<= i,j <= k, x_i < x_j iff y_i < y_j. We say that R containedin N^k is  
order invariant if and only if for all order equivalent x,y in N^k,  
R(x) iff R(y).

For n >= 1, the powers of n are the tuples whose coordinates are drawn  
from {1,n,n^2,...}.

PROPOSITION 1.2. For all k >= 1 and order invariant R containedin  
N^4k, some R*R<A is a subset of R(A') with the same powers of (8k)!.

MAH = ZFC + {there exists a strongly n-Mahlo cardinal}_n. MAH+ = ZFC +  
"for all n there exists a strongly n-Mahlo cardinal".

THEOREM 1.3. Theorem 1.1 is provable in RCA_0. Proposition 1.2 is  
provable in MAH+ but not in MAH, assuming that MAH is consistent.  
Proposition 1 is provably equivalent, over ACA, to CON(MAH).  
Proposition 1 is not provable in any consistent subsystem of MAH. In  
particular, Proposition 1 is not provable in ZFC, assuming ZFC is  
consistent. If we delete * then Proposition 1.2 becomes a weakened  
form of Theorem 1.1.

The 4 in "4k" can be extended to any higher number in the obvious way  
without changing the results. We have not investigated the  
independence status when 4 is replaced by 2 or 3. Probably 3 will  
still give the same results, but 2 is not enough for independence.

Here (8k)! is just a convenient expression.

We can use Z+ instead of N.


The finite form is obtained trivially by replacing N with [0,n]. All  
of the definitions are restated in the obvious way with N replaced  
throughout by [0,n]. Specifically,

PROPOSTION 2.2. For all k,n >= 1 and order invariant R containedin  
[0,n]^4k, some R*R<A is a subset of R(A') with the same powers of (8k)!.

Note that Proposition 2.2 is explicitly Pi01.

All of the results read the same.

We can use [1,n] instead of [0,n].


Note that all three of the forward imaging notions that we have used  
can be unified in the following way.

Let # containedin N^2. We define #-imaging as follows.

For all k >= 1 and R containedin N^4k, we define R# the function  
mapping subsets of N^k into subsets of N^k, given by

R#A = {w: (therexists x,y,z in A)(R(x,y,z,w) and #(max(x),max(w)),  
#(max(y),max(w)), #(max(z),max(w)))}.

Note that the three forward image construction that we have used, RA,  
R<A, R*A, can be viewed as R#A, R##A, R###A, where

#(n,m) iff n = n.
##(n,m) iff n < m.
###(n,m) iff n not= m-1.

It is reasonable to require that # containedin N^2 be a Presburger  
relation. I.e., definable in (N,+). More restrictive requirements also  
make sense.

This leads to the following Template.

TEMPLATE. Let #,##,### be Presburger subsets of N^2. For all k >= 1  
and order invariant R containedin N^4k, some R#R##A is a subset of  
R###(A') with the same powers of (8k)!.

TEMPLATE. Let #,##,### be Presburger subsets of N^2. For all k,n >= 1  
and order invariant R containedin [0,n]^4k, some R#R##A is a subset of  
R###(A') with the same powers of (8k)!.

We intend to determine the status of all instances of these Templates.  
We conjecture that every instance is either provable in RCA_0,  
refutable in RCA_0, or provably equivalent to CON(MAH) over RCA_0. The  
latter occurs according to THeorems 1.3 and 2.3.

Obviously, further Templating can be done along these lines. E.g., we  
can consider using

R#1 R#2 ... R#p A is a subset of R#p+1 R#p+2 ... R#p+q A' with the  
same powers of (8k)!

where p,q >= 0 and the #'s are Presburger subsets of N^2. We make the  
extended conjecture.

I use http://www.math.ohio-state.edu/~friedman/ for downloadable
manuscripts. This is the 321st in a series of self contained numbered
postings to FOM covering a wide range of topics in f.o.m. The list of
previous numbered postings #1-249 can be found at
http://www.cs.nyu.edu/pipermail/fom/2005-June/008999.html in the FOM
archives, 6/15/05, 9:18PM. NOTE: The title of #269 has been corrected  
the original.

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Harvey Friedman

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