[FOM] ULTRAMATH 2008: Registrations open

dinasso@dm.unipi.it dinasso at dm.unipi.it
Mon Feb 18 02:55:29 EST 2008

       		International Congress
		    ULTRAMATH 2008
"Applications of Ultrafilters and Ultraproducts in Mathematics"
		Pisa, June 1-7, 2008


- Registrations are now open.

- The web site of the congress has been updated with info
  about registration, submission of abstracts, financial support.

- Deadlines:
  * EARLY REGISTRATION: Tuesday, April 22,
  * SUBMISSION OF ABSTRACTS: Monday, March 31. (Decisions on the acceptance 
    will be communicated to the authors by Monday, April 14th.)
  * GRANT APPLICATIONS: Monday, March 31. (Applicants will be notified 
    by Monday, April 14th.)

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