[FOM] V = WF costs nothing, or *truth* or *use*?

Timothy Y. Chow tchow at alum.mit.edu
Fri Feb 8 15:49:27 EST 2008

Below is a message that I am forwarding on behalf of Vladimir Sazonov.


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Subject: RE: [FOM] V = WF costs nothing, or *truth* or *use*?

Dear Tim, 

My current e-mail system is technically not appropriate for the FOM list. 
Thus, I write directly to you. Please feel free to send this and your 
answer (if any) to FOM.

Probably I should agree with your posting. But to be sure, which *truth* 
do you menstion? And *why* at all? (An awfully "non-decent" and confusing 
word from my point of view!) If it is *truth in a context*, I could accept 
it. Otherwise I do not understand this at all. Is the Anti-Foundation 
Axiom true or false? I am working on hyperset approach (based on a finite 
version of AFA) to "semistructured" databases. My PhD student even has 
implemented corresponding query language. But I do not consider AFA (or 
its alternative - the Foundation Axiom) neither true nor false in general. 
(Same for all other axioms of set theory. Same for CH.) I just *use* it in 
this context.

Thus, *truth* or *use*? 

Best regards, 


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