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First Announcement

The Algorithmic Randomness Graduate Workshop and Tutorial will take
June 9--June 20 at the University of Florida in Gainesville.

Tutorials will be given by John Hitchcock (Wyoming), Andre Nies
(Auckland, New
Zealand) and Jan Reimann (UC Berkeley).  They will be accessible to
students and non-specialists. A brief outline is given below.

There will also be lectures on current research.
Please let me know if you would like to participate or to give a talk.

The goal of the workshop is to encourage and prepare graduate students
in mathematics and  computer science for research in algorithmic

Partial support for travel and lodging expenses of graduate students in
partiuclar is provided through the National Science Foundation
Focused Research Group Award; it is anticipated that lodging will
Please send a request for support to
cenzer at math.ufl.edu and ask your graduate advisor to send a brief letter
of recommendation as well.

Watch for the conference web page at


Reimann: Introduction to Algorithmic Randomness:
--Three approaches to effective randomness: game theoretic
(martingales), measure theoretic (Martin-Loef tests), information
theoretic (incompressibility, Kolmogorov complexity); Schnorr's theorem
--computational properties and complexity of random sequences, Pi01
-- extracting information from random sequences, Kucera-Gacs Theorem
-- c.e. reals, Chaitin\'s Omega, Kucera-Slaman theorem
-- relative randomness, van-Lambalgen's theorem

Nies: Lowness properties related to randomness

Hitchcock:  Randomness in computational
complexity, focusing on resource-bounded measure, dimension, and
Kolmogorov complexity.

--Doug Cenzer for the organizing committee.

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