[FOM] Brouwer on mathematical operations

Lucius Schoenbaum ltsbaum at gmail.com
Sat Dec 27 09:20:16 EST 2008

Dear FOMers,

"One cannot inquire into the foundations and nature of mathematics  
without delving into the question of the operations by which the  
mathematical activity of the mind is conducted. If one failed to take  
that into account, then one would be left studying only the language  
in which mathematics is represented rather than the essence of  
mathematics."  L.E.J. Brouwer

I am only a student, but I am inclined to agree with Brouwer.  Does  
anyone else agree also?  If I venture to call intuitionism an  
"operational" approach in foundations, can anyone think of anything  
similar existing today in foundations?  What operations do you think  
Brouwer had in mind?

By the way, I would be much obliged to anyone who could tell me the  
source of this quotation.


Lucius Schoenbaum

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