[FOM] CFP: The Shortest Universal Turing Machine Implementation Contest

Hector Zenil C. hector.zenil-chavez at malix.univ-paris1.fr
Mon Dec 22 18:40:53 EST 2008

The Shortest Universal Turing Machine Implementation Contest

23 Dec - 2008


Contest Overview

In the spirit of the busy beaver competition though related to program-size
complexity, we are pleased to  announce the "Shortest Universal Turing Machine
Implementation Contest".

The contest is open-ended and open to anyone. To enter, a competitor must submit
a universal machine implementation, in the language described in the rules
section of the contest, with smaller size values than the latest record
published on the web page.

In order to take part in this competition it is necessary to submit the source
code, to be compiled using the compiler program and version specified in the
rules. It is important that you provide documentation of your code, either in
an attached file or as commented text in the source code file.

Each submitter must agree to be bound and abide by the rules. Submissions remain
the sole property of the submitter(s), but should be released under the GNU
General Public License (GPL)  so we may be permitted to make them available on 
this web site for downloading and executing.


Full rules in detail available at:
http://www.mathrix.org/experimentalAIT/TuringMachine.html (General Rules

Team composition

Contributors may enter alone or as teams of any size. Anyone is eligible to
enter. Non-Turing machine implementations are encouraged (as long they remain

Subscribe to the Newsletter

We have a mailing list that we will use to keep participants informed of news
about the contest. You can subscribe to this mailing list at any time:

Subscribe at http://www.mathrix.org/mailinglist/?p=subscribe


Read them online:


Hector Zenil (IHPST and LIFL, Paris 1 University and Lille 1 University)
Jean-Paul Delahaye (LIFL, Lille 1 University)

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