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2008/8/24 Kreinovich, Vladik <vladik at utep.edu>
> Since the idea seems natural, he tried to google similar papers but has
> not
> found anything relevant yet.
> Any references and/or comments will be greatly appreciated.

Models of computation based on multiset processing include the GAMMA
model [1], the chemical abstract machine [2] and P systems [3]. In addition,
fuzzy versions of these systems are discussed in [4] and [5].

[1] Jean-Pierre Ben\^{a}tre and Daniel~Le M\'{e}tayer.
     The Gamma model and its discipline of programming.
     Science of Computer Programming, 15:55--77, 1990.

[2] G{\'e}rard Berry and G{\'e}rard Boudol.
     The chemical abstract machine.
     Theoretical Computer Science, 96:217--248, 1992.
[3] P\u{a}un, G. Membrane Computing: An Introduction.
     Springer-Verlag, 2002.

[4] Apostolos Syropoulos.
     Fuzzifying P Systems.
     The Computer Journal, 49(5):619--628, 2006.

[5] Apostolos Syropoulos.
     Fuzzy Chemical Abstract Machines,.
     work in progress, 2008.


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