[FOM] NYU Foundations of Math Conference

Justin Clarke-Doane jcd305 at nyu.edu
Fri Aug 22 16:19:32 EDT 2008


APRIL 3-5, 2009

The philosophy department at New York University will be hosting a conference on the Foundations of Mathematics, in April of 2009.  The conference will explore methodological issues surrounding the adoption of new axioms, as well as semantic and metaphysical issues surrounding mathematical truth.  Attendance is open, and there is no registration fee.  However, anyone planning to attend must register by emailing shievak at hotmail.com  no later than February 31st, 2009.  The conference website can be found here: http://homepages.nyu.edu/~sjk362/NYU_Conference.html

John Burgess (Princeton University)
Haim Gaifman (Columbia University)
Joel Hamkins (City University of New York)
Kai Hauser (Humboldt-Universität, Berlin)
Peter Koellner (Harvard University)
Stewart Shapiro (Ohio State University)
Stephen Simpson (Pennsylvania State University)
William Tait (University of Chicago)
Neil Tennant (Ohio State University)
W. Hugh Woodin (University of California, Berkeley)

Further information, including the conference schedule, will be posted online shortly.  In the meantime, if you have any questions or suggestions please feel free to send me an email (jcd305 at nyu.edu).

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