[FOM] 5 year postdoc position in Mathematical Logic in Lisbon

Fernando Ferreira ferferr at cii.fc.ul.pt
Fri Aug 1 11:30:52 EDT 2008

5-year postdoc position in Mathematical Logic in Lisbon:

A 5-year postdoc position in Mathematical Logic is now open at the 
University of Lisbon (deadline, September 10, 2008). The Mathematical 
Logic Group in Lisbon combines expertise in several areas of 
Mathematical Logic, including Model Theory (o-minimality), Proof 
Theory, Unconventional Computation and Implicit Computational 
Complexity. Other areas are also of the interest of the group, namely 
Philosophy of Mathematics and Bounded Arithmetic. We are seeking 
individuals who are interested in these areas and who can collaborate 
with the members of the logic group and participate in the regular 
activities of the group (seminars, workshops, etc). However, the 
position holder will have the opportunity to develop his/her own 
Applicants must hold a PhD in Mathematics (or, if appropriate, in a 
related field such as Computer Science or Philosophy) and at least 
three years of post-doctoral research experience, together with a 
strong research program.
For more information consult http://www.ciul.ul.pt/~logicmat/

Best regards,
Fernando Ferreira

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