[FOM] Number theory proof mentioned by Frege

Chris Gray cpgray at library.uwaterloo.ca
Thu Apr 17 16:17:32 EDT 2008


Thanks.  I was having trouble finding the book because Frege only gives 
the title of what is the first part of a longer work.

In beginning to cure my ignorance of this area, I noticed the possible 
relation to Frobenius's theorem that others mentioned.  Now I'll be able 
to determine this.

Thanks to all who replied,

Simonyi, András wrote:
> Dear Chris,
> the full text of the book referred to by Frege is available on
> Google's Book Search:
> http://books.google.com/books?id=754KAAAAYAAJ&printsec=titlepage
> Best wishes,
> Andras Simonyi
> Applied Logic Laboratory, Budapest, Hungary
> On 16/04/2008, Chris Gray <cpgray at library.uwaterloo.ca> wrote:
>> In "The Foundations of Arithmetic", Frege mentions a proof from pp.106-7
>>  of Hermann Henkel's Theorie der complexen Zahlensysteme.
>>  "Hankel proves that any closed field of complex numbers of higher order
>>  than the ordinary, if made subject to all the laws of addition and
>>  multiplication, contains a contradiction."  Frege p. 106
>>  I have no copy of the Henkel book available to me.  Is this a well-known
>>  result?  Is this proof discussed or given elsewhere?
>>  Thanks,
>> Chris Gray
>>  University of Waterloo Library
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