[FOM] A Query about Logical Content

Alex Blum blumal at mail.biu.ac.il
Fri Sep 21 06:42:07 EDT 2007

Ken Gemes wrote:

>  Note, if AvB counts as part of the logical content of A then on the evidence of B one would have to say that part of A is true, and hence A is partially true. There are many other reasons for not counting AvB as part of the logical content of A. 
>The basic idea was to say X is part of the logical content of Y iff Y logically entails X and every relevant model of X can be extended to a relevant model of Y.

Why would we want to say that if p implies q then having q confirmed it 
follows that  p is partially true.  For every proposition implies a 
necessary truth. We should thus be tempted to say that every proposition 
is partially true,e.g.,both 'p'  and  '~p' .

Alex Blum

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