[FOM] Mathematical certainty and social activity

ravi ravi.bulk at gmail.com
Tue Oct 23 21:53:34 EDT 2007

On 23 Oct, 2007, at 19:09 PM, Arnon Avron wrote:
> <...> but in my opinion the most important
> one) is because the urgent need to fight this illness of
> modern times (and especially its most fatal product:
> "post-modernism"). <...>
> Now mathematics has always been the one great problem of the
> "everything is relative" ideology (This is why all post-modernists
> are so happy about Goedel incompleteness theorems, even though
> they don't bother to make a real effort to understand them).

Our own Gabriel Stolzenberg has spent a great amount of time,  
successfully in my opinion, countering this sort of broad generalised  
non-criticism of postmodernism. See here:



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