[FOM] Pure mathematics and humanity's collective curiosity

Adib Ben Jebara adib.jebara at topnet.tn
Tue Oct 16 02:42:06 EDT 2007

My opinion is that most pure mathematics can be 
expected to be applied in the future.
For the physical world is shaped mathematically.

We can find in the history of mathematics examples
where applying a theory came as a surprise.
For instance, applying non euclidian geometry
came as a surprise.

So, recreational mathematics are recreational only for
a given time.
Adib Ben Jebara.

From: "John McCarthy" 
> Feng Ye included
> Quine and some philosophers following him called mathematics with no
> potential applications in sciences 'recreational mathematics'
> One might extend that idea to call science without potential
> application to human material prosperity `recreational science'.

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