[FOM] IJCAR Call for Papers, and Workshop and Tutorial Proposals

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   IJCAR 2008 - The 4th International Joint Conference on Automated Reasoning
                  Sydney, Australia, 10th - 15th August, 2008


             Call for Papers, and Workshop and Tutorial Proposals

IJCAR 2008 is the 4th International Joint Conference on Automated Reasoning,
and is a merger of leading events:
   CADE (Conference on Automated Deduction),
   FroCoS (Workshop on Frontiers of Combining Systems),
   FTP (Workshop on First-order Theorem Proving) and
   TABLEAUX (Conference on Analytic Tableaux and Related Methods)

IJCAR is the premier international joint conference on all aspects of automated
reasoning, including foundations, implementations, and applications. The IJCAR
technical program will consist of presentations of high-quality original
research papers, system descriptions and invited talks. There will be two days
of workshops and tutorials, 10th and 11th August, and the conference 12th to
15th August.

Conference chair:
   Peter Baumgartner (NICTA)
Call for Papers

IJCAR 2008 invites submissions related to all aspects of automated reasoning,
including foundations, implementations, and applications. Original research
papers and descriptions of working automated deduction systems are solicited.
See the IJCAR website for a detailed list of logics, methods, and applications
of interest. The proceedings of IJCAR 2008 will be published by Springer-Verlag
in the LNAI/LNCS series.

Submission details: Submission is electronic, through
Authors are strongly encouraged to use LaTeX and the Springer "llncs" format,
which can be obtained from http://www.springer.de/comp/lncs/authors.html. The
page limit is 15 pages for full papers, and 5 pages for system descriptions.

Program co-chairs:
   Alessandro Armando (Universit`a di Genova)
   Peter Baumgartner (NICTA)
   Gilles Dowek (l'Ecole Polytechnique)

Important dates:
   Paper registration deadline:                     22nd February 2008
   Paper submission deadline:                           3rd March 2008
   Notification of paper decisions:                    18th April 2008
   Final version of papers due:                          23rd May 2008
   Conference dates:                             12th-15th August 2008
Call for Workshop and Tutorial Proposals

Workshop and tutorial proposals on IJCAR-related topics are solicited.
Proposals that promise to bring new topics into IJCAR, of either practical or
theoretical importance, or provide a forum for more detailed discussion on
central topics of continuing importance are highly welcome. Proposals that
close the gap between automated reasoning and related areas, e.g., formal
methods or software engineering, are especially encouraged.

Proposals must contain information sufficient for the programme committee to
judge the importance, quality and community interest in the proposed topic.
Each workshop or tutorial must have one or more designated organizers, and
may have a programme committee as well.

Proposals must be limited to three pages and provide at least the following
+ Title.
+ Description of the workshop topic and goals. (Why do you believe this is an
   interesting and significant topic?)
+ Intended audience. (From which areas do you expect potential participants to
   come? How many participants do you expect?);
+ Organization of the workshop. (Describe the intended format of the workshop,
   its expected duration (from half a day to two days) and preferred dates
   (August 10th, 11th, or both).)
+ Organizers' details. (Provide affiliations, backgrounds and contact details
   (email, etc.) of organizers and committee members)

Proposals should be sent as plain text and as PDF to the workshop chair
(michael.norrish at nicta.com.au).

Workshop and tutorial chair:
   Michael Norrish (NICTA)

Important dates:
   Deadline for proposal submissions:               17th December 2007
   Acceptance/rejection notification:                14th January 2008
   Deadline for camera-ready copy of workshop notes:    14th July 2008
   Workshop Dates:                               10th-11th August 2008

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