[FOM] UFD example?

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Let K be a field and D := K[[x,y]] the power series ring in two
indeterminate. Then D is not a PID nor isomorphic to a polynomial ring,
since 1 + x has a root (char(K) < > 2) in D, but never in R[x]. Clearly D is 
a UFD.

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> What is an example of Unique Factorization Domain which is neither a
> Principal Ideal Domain nor (isomorphic to) a polynomial ring? (By a
> polynomial ring I mean a ring R[x] formed by adjoining an indeterminate
> to a ring; such rings are UFDs if the original ring was, by the
> generalized Gauss Lemma).
> My earlier query about rings with a transfinite Euclidean algorithm is
> separate from this, because such rings are PIDs (by the usual proof,
> using the algorithm to find a "GCD" of two elements in the ideal they
> generate).
> -- JS
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