[FOM] Tarski's real projective geometry

Kreinovich, Vladik vladik at utep.edu
Thu Nov 8 00:52:25 EST 2007

 This is a consequence of his general result on the decidability of 1st
oder theory of real numbers, see, e.g., 

A. Tarski, A decision method for elementary algebra and
geometry, 2nd ed., Berkeley and Los Angeles, 1951.

He did not use any axiomatic projective geometry, just the actual real
projective geometry based on R^n. 

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> From Neil Tennant

> Tarski mentions that he had shown that the theory of real projective
> geometry is decidable.

> Can any fom-er cite a reference for the detailed proof
> of this result? Or tell me exactly what axioms Tarski
> took the theory to have?

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