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Martin Davis martin at eipye.com
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On November 6 Gabriel Stolzenberg wrote:
 >Question.  What is the name of the famous conjecture in analysis
 >whose proof by Abraham Robinson is sometimes offered as a demonstration
 >of the power of nonstandard analysis?  (Jim Holt did this in the NYR
 >but, as I recall, without identifying the conjecture.)

The reference is likely to the Bernstein-Robinson theorem:
Let T be a linear operator on Hilbert space H such that for some polynomial p,
p(T) is compact. Then H has a non-trivial closed linear subspace E 
such that T maps E
into itself.

This answered a problem of Paul Halmos that had been open for a long 
time. The proof used non-standard methods in a particularly beautiful 
way, approximating an infinite dimensional space from above by a 
space with hyperfinite dimension, so the theorems of finite 
dimensional linear algebra could be brought to bear.
Soon afterwards generalizations of the theorem were proved by standard methods.


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