[FOM] Call for Participation: Medieval Logic and Modern Applied Logic

Sara L. Uckelman suckelma at illc.uva.nl
Wed May 16 19:01:30 EDT 2007


    1st GPMR Workshop on Logic & Semantics
    "Medieval Logic and Modern Applied Logic"
    Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn, Germany
    June 28-30, 2007

The workshop GPMR-LS1 is the inaugural workshop of the working group
"Logic & Semantics" of the Gesellschaft für Philosophie des Mittelalters
und der Renaissance. We aim to bring together all researchers interested
in logical and semantical aspects of medieval and early modern
philosophy, and cordially invite them to attend our workshop.

You can find the schedule, the abstracts of talks, and local information
on our webpage.

Speakers include:  Fabrizio Amerini, Alan Bäck, Brad Berman, Bert Bos,
Laurent Cesalli, Antonino Drago, Catarina Dutilh Novaes, Petr Dvorak,
Sten Ebbesen, Görge Hasselhoff, Roberto Hofmeister Pich, Peter King,
Gyula Klima, Simo Knuuttila, Jaap Maat, Massimo Mugnai, Calvin Normore,
Daniel Novotny, Peter Ohrstrom, Luca Parisoli, Stephen Read, Greg
Restall,Katherina Rybalko, Sara Uckelman, Hans van Ditmarsch, Thomas
Ward, Elia Zardini

If you are interested in receiving future updates on this workshop,
please pre-register by sending an email to Sara Uckelman
(suckelma at illc.uva.nl)

The Organizers

|Institute for Logic, Language, and Computation|
|Universiteit van Amsterdam                    |

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