[FOM] Paul Cohen has died.

S. S. Kutateladze sskut at math.nsc.ru
Mon Mar 26 18:54:19 EDT 2007

Dear friends,

Our community has lost one of the most brilliant minds of the twentieth
century.   Paul J. Cohen conveyed his message that the continuum hypothesis
is "obviously false" and endowed us  with the power and beauty of
forcing. His was and will remain   a pillar of the grandeur of modesty in my memory.

Best regards,
S. Kutateladze

3/25/2007, you wrote to me:

martin at eipye.com> Dear friends,
martin at eipye.com> -------------------------------------------------------
martin at eipye.com>   We are very sorry to tell you that Paul Cohen has 
martin at eipye.com> suddenly passed away.

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