[FOM] CombLog'07: Combination of Logics

BEZIAU Jean-Yves jean-yves.beziau at unine.ch
Thu Jun 21 15:37:02 EDT 2007

International Workshop on Combination of Logics

Neuchâtel, Switzerland, July 4th 2007

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The theory of combination of logics has been a central theme of logical researches during the last past 15 years. One of a particular technique for combining logics promoted by Dov Gabbay became famous under the name "fibring".

At first the theory, as it is often the case in mathematics, started with specific problems: how to put together different modal operators. But the theory has developed onwards in a general theory applying to and concerned with many different logical systems. At this stage the theory has been growing analysing and shedding newlight on the most fundamental concepts of logic: the notions of rule, of logical operator, of extension of logic and of logical system itself.

This event is the following in a list of gatherings on combination of logics, such as Logical Consequences and its Combinations held in Pune, India, December 2005, CombLog'04 held in Lisbon, July 2004 and the FroCoS (Frontiers of Combining Systems) going on since 1996.

All the dimensions of combination of logics will be touched: from abstract general frameworks based on universal logic and category theory to applications to some philosophical problems through some typical cases related with classical and intuitionistic logics.

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