[FOM] Checkers is a draw

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Sun Jul 22 10:56:34 EDT 2007

How large is the database storing this proof? The online version 
consists of a game tree in which the terminal nodes are not positions 
whose value is obvious, so  most of the database is no online.

This is a good example of a kind of interactive proof not typically 
treated formally -- although the database itself can be converted to a 
real formal proof whose size is probably measured in hundreds of 
terabytes, and so is not "humanly feasible" to check, the applet which 
allows you to play against the database is a sort of interactive proof 
that would convince a world-class grandmaster in a humanly feasible 
amount of time,  but would not convince an ordinary checker player.

-- JS

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The results of the computation have been placed online at:


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