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How do you express

"the existence of a nontrivial elementary embedding j:V into M, where 
containedin M."

as a statement or scheme in ZFC, that refers only to sets and not 

-- JS

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We present a new statement whose strength is between the existence of a
nontrivial elementary embedding of some V(lambda) into V(lambda), and 
existence of a nontrivial elementary embedding j:V into M, where 
containedin M.

A partial linearly ordered product is a triple (A,<,dot), where (A,<) 
is a
linear ordering and dot is a partial function from A^2 into A.

A subset of A is bounded if and only if there exists x in A which is >= 
elements of A. A subset of A is unbounded if and only if it is not 

Let B be a set of tuples from A. We write fld(B) for the set of all
coordinates of elements of B. We say that B is bounded (unbounded) if 
only if fld(B) is bounded (unbounded).

Let f:A^2 into A be partial. We treat f as a subset of A^3.

An initial self embedding of f is a partial function g:A into A such 

i. dom(g) is a bounded subset of fld(f) which is downward closed.
ii. rng(g) containedin dom(g).
iii. g is strictly increasing.
iv. For all x,y,z in A, f(x,y) = z iff f(gx,gy) = gz.

We say that partial h:A into A is cross sectional if and only if there
exists x in A such that for all y,z in A,

h(y) = z iff f(x,y) = z.

PROPOSITION A. There exists a partial linearly ordered product in which
every unbounded definable partial binary function has a cross sectional
initial self embedding with a least fixed point and a least non fixed 

It is obvious by the completeness theorem for first order predicate 
with equality that Proposition A is provably equivalent to a Pi01 
over WKL_0.


I use http://www.math.ohio-state.edu/%7Efriedman/ for downloadable
manuscripts. This is the 308th in a series of self contained numbered
postings to FOM covering a wide range of topics in f.o.m. The list of
previous numbered postings #1-249 can be found at
http://www.cs.nyu.edu/pipermail/fom/2005-June/008999.html in the FOM
archives, 6/15/05, 9:18PM. NOTE: The title of #269 has been corrected 
the original.

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Harvey Friedman

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