[FOM] CADE-21 Workshop on Empirically Successful Automated Reasoning in Large Theories

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Tue Jan 2 15:47:12 EST 2007

                          Call for Papers

The  CADE-21  Workshop on Empirically Successful Automated Reasoning  in  Large
Theories  (ESARLT)  will bring  together  practioners  and researchers  who are 
concerned with  the development and application of automated reasoning in large 
theories - theories in which ...
    + There are many axioms
    + There are many predicates and functors
    + There are many theorems to be proved from the axioms
    + There are many theorems that are provable from a subset of the axioms
In  large theories  it is  useful to  develop and apply  intelligent  reasoning 
techniques that  go beyond  "black box"  reasoning,  to include techniques  for 
selecting axioms,  using proved theorems as lemmas, etc. Reasoning in all forms 
(automated,  interactive,  etc) and  all logics (classical,  non-classical, all 
orders,  etc)  is of  interest to the workshop.  The workshop will discuss only 
"really running" systems and applications,  and not theoretical ideas that have 
not yet been translated into working software. Full details are available at:

ESARLT is the successor to the successful ESFOR, ESCAR, ESHOL, and ESCoR 
workshops. CADE-21 will be 15th to 20th July 2007. 

Submission of papers for presentation at the workshop, and proposals for system
and  application demonstrations  at the workshop,  are now invited. Submissions
will be refereed,  and a balanced program of high-quality contributions will be
selected.  The selected contributions will  be printed as workshop proceedings, 
and will also be published electronically.  The submission deadline is 7th May, 
notification  of  acceptance  is  on  8th June,  and  final  versions  are  due 
25th June. Submission information is online at:

We hope you will accept this invitation, and be part of ESARLT.

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