[FOM] Craig Fest

Paolo Mancosu mancosu at socrates.berkeley.edu
Fri Feb 9 11:55:34 EST 2007

Preliminary announcement:

Interpolations: A conference in honor of William 
Craig. The University of California at Berkeley, 
May 13, 2007. The interpolation theorem is part 
of the standard logic curriculum. This and other 
results of Craig's have had a profound 
significance in logic, philosophy of science, 
philosophy of logic, and computer science. Six 
internationally distinguished speakers will 
reflect on the importance and impact of Craig's 
work: Solomon Feferman (Stanford), Michael 
Friedman (Stanford), Cesare Tinelli (University 
of Iowa), Dana Scott (Carnegie Mellon), Jouko 
Väänänen (University of Amsterdam and University 
of Helsinki), Johan van Benthem (University of 
Amsterdam and Stanford University). The 
organizers are Branden Fitelson, John MacFarlane, 
Paolo Mancosu, and Sherri Roush. Further 
information can be found at 

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